Satchel/Messenger for Macbook Air 13" (2020)

I’m trying to carry around my MacBook, a 1.25" thick Filofax type notebook, and some basics (medications, battery & cables, compact multitool & compact flashlight).

I really want something that’s single-shoulder, ideally something I can wear more on my back and swing around like a sling bag. I found a TomToc 14" sling that looked great in theory, but once I put the laptop in the majority of the interior compartment basically disappears. And if anything is actually IN the other interior pocket, I can’t get the notebook back in without taking the sling off. Which kind of defeats the point.

I’m thinking messenger style with a top flap would be useful. And I know there are TONS of messengers that will accommodate 16" laptops, but that makes the bag wider than I’d prefer.

Anybody have a recommendation for something that’s more closely-sized for a 13" MBA, but has a bit of internal space for that other stuff?

I have a very well used and loved one of these. They make a matching pencil case you could keep odds and ends in. Pricey but excellent quality. It accommodates a 12.9 iPad Pro nicely. A 14” M1 MBP is slightly tight. I don’t have and haven’t tested a MBA but imagine it would be very suitable


I’m a big fan of Waterfield bags, probably too big of a fan :slight_smile:

Maybe this:


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I didn’t see that your link posted to one of the same one that I linked :laughing:

I have the Sutter Slim backpack (backpack version of. the sling, slightly larger) and the Essential Crossbody, and I agree that the quality is excellent.

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I absolutely love my Tom Bihn Pilot. My naked 16" MBP fits great in it (though they don’t mention laptops that large) with plenty of room for other items, and would probably work fine even with a thin-ish sleeve – though it would be too wide if it had a thick sleeve or case.

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I still have this messenger from Timbuk2 that might work for what you describe. I loved it when it was my daily carry. I switched away primarily because I was at a point were I was better off with a backpack, but I’ve kept it around in case I ever want to go back to messenger-style.

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