Save Todoist files locally

When I add a file to a Todoist entry it saves it as weblink. Is there anyway I can save the file locally? And have it sync with my Mac/iPad/iPhone?

I doubt it. I used it for a long time, and it’s very good at what it does, but Todoist is first and foremost a web app.

To what purpose?

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I want 100% access to the file even if there is no internet access.

Might be worth talking to Todoist support. I’d be interested in their response. Although most platforms are working from the cloud. Even iCloud needs internet access.

I have not tried this but perhaps using Hook to put a link in Todoist that points to the local file?

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I have recently moved over to Todoist as the filters are really helping my workflow. However, the comments section and the launching of the browser every time I want to see an attached file is becoming tiresome. I see you point!

Did you find a solution?

Sorry I did not find a solution.