Saving print presets

I’m struggling trying to make sense of how to configure print presets on MacOS.

Here’s my use case. I routinely print Etsy invoices on a regular Canon printer, letter size format. I also print 4x6 address labels for those orders on a Rollo label printer.

So, ideally, I’d love to configure two presets. One that selects my Canon and letter size, and one that selects the Rollo and 4x6.

Following Apple’s arcane help pages I see how I can configure presets but they seem to be printer specific. I can make them show “for all printers” but the presets don’t seem to contain the printer information. Example, Canon is currently selected as my default printer. Choosing “4x6” user preset will correctly select 4x6 paper size but not the Rollo printer.

So basically I end up selecting a printer first, then a preset, which is just the same amount of work as selecting a printer and a papersize.

Am I missing anything or is this just the way the Mac rolls?