Scanner recommendations to replace Scansnap S1500M

Looks like Fujitsu is forcing users of the S1500M to upgrade after moving to Mojave… my scanner still works fine but for multiple page documents the pages are jumbled, meaning the order in the final document is not 1, 2, 3, etc. but jumbled. Thus far cannot find a solution.

So, what scanner to purchase? This time I’m leaning to step away from Fujitsu… has anyone had experience with Brother or Epson products? Maybe a Xerox??

I went for an MFP instead some weeks ago: All-in-One printer as a document scanner

Do not understand what a standalone scanner, which costs more than whole MFP, would get me. It is a very simple device compared to almost every piece of electronics around me, yet it cost as much as my apple watch.

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Have you tried using the latest iX500 software with your S1500M? I have, in the past, used earlier versions of iX500 software with an S1500M. The newer features of the iX500 didn’t work, but the basic scanning, OCR, etc. functioned as expected.

Please note: I no longer have my scanner, so I have not tried this myself. YMMV.

This ScanSnap jumbled pages bug started back with High Sierra, at least for me. I was able to resolve this by downloading the software for a later scanner model. Right now I’m running ScanSnap Manager version 6.3 L70 under Mojave and it’s working just fine on my ScanSnap S1500M.

Very good guidance! I’ve installed V6.3L60 - can’t seem to locate 6.3L70 online - but the version I’ve installed works fine. Hopefully now can stretch the life of this old scanner, thank you for your help.


The Brother Multi funktion color laser printer, scanner copiers work very well as well.