ScanSnap Home - adding tags when saving files

Maybe I have set something up wrong. I have installed the new ScanSnap Home software to use with my ix500.

I have set up a profile as default for Duplex scanning, saving the file to my “Dispatch” folder. Once there, my Hazel rules are (supposed) to take over and sort the incoming scans.

In the older ScanSnap software, the save dialog allowed me to add tags to the file in addition to setting the filename. In the ScanSnap Home “upgraded” software, there is no place to add tags when saving the filel

You can add tags in the profile definition itself, but that is highly inconvenient. My filing scheme involves adding a variety of tags to the file that control how it gets sorted and saved by Hazel. It would be highly inefficient to have to create a multitude of profiles with different preset tags, and that approach would lead to errors as I would inevitably scan with the wrong profile and have the file wind up in the wrong place in my document filing system.

Am I missing some way to have the save dialog also allow tags to be specified?

Currently I just scan everything and then have to go to the Dispatch folder and add tags to each file afterward, and that is a real step back in efficiency.