ScanSnap Home - questions on using the software

For those who have, like me, had the sad experience of moving to ScanSnap Home, I have two questions.

  1. In the old ScanSnap software, I was able to set up a scanning profile (duplex scanning with blank page rejection) that scanned directly to a file in a specific folder. I have that set up in SSHome as well. However, in the old software, after scanning was done on the pages in the document reader, there would be a dialog in which I could click a “done” button, at which point the file renaming window would pop up. There was also a continue scanning button or I could push the scan button on the scanner (ix500) to scan more pages to the same file. I don’t seem to be able to replicate this behavior in SSHome. Anyone know how to accomplish this??

  2. Secondly, the file renaming and save dialog that would then come up allowed adding tags to the file, which is an important part of my workflow as Hazel grabs files from the scanning folder based on tags. This no longer seems to be possible with SSHome. I know that in setting up the profile you can add tags to be set on the file, but this doesn’t help me at all since the whole point is to tag the scan based on what I want to happen to it, which varies for each document scanned.

Anyone have any ideas or help on these topics?