Scansnap iX500 Tag question

I’m going thru the paperless Field Guide and have decided to jump into tags. In the past, I have depended on “contains” rule in Hazel on file names to properly file my invoices etc. I really like the tag version of that and found that you can modify the profiles for scanning in the ScanSnap software to add tags. But the tags are only present in the Scansnap Home browser which has a Finder-like view but when you go to Finder proper, no tags were applied to the file.

Has anyone played with this?

I just tested this. Apparently, the tags applied in ScanSnap Home software only appear there. Also, if you go to the finder and tag a file that is in the ScanSnap Home folder, it will not show up when you look at the file in the ScanSnap Home software.

Yes but this is annoying, it creates an extra step, grr

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