ScanSnap Paperless with no Mac

Just got my new 12.9 2018 iPad and looking to live the iPad lifestyle… I believe that I so far will be able except for one key area. This is in the area of my paperless workflow.

In the “old” way (with MacBook) I had Hazel setup to go through and monitor folders where the ScanSnap software would put them (eg., @action folder) then I would go through weekly to rename those that were not auto renamed by Hazel and make changes as appropriate. Then based upon the name of the file it moves the file over to my “digital records” folder on my Drobo. All this is working great on the MacBook but… when I move to an iPad only workflow I am hitting barrier… I have seen web based solutions like Fiterize, or possibly even IFTT but nothing that seems to work as nicely as Hazel… I recognize that I may need to think of the workflow differently, breaking down old thinking and starting over but cant seem to find a solution…

I am struggling to find a scanning workflow replacement when the MacBook is out of the equation and only using SnapSnap Cloud. This allows scanning to Dropbox, Google, and others but not iCloud

Any suggestions from the group on how to live a paperless life with also living an iPad life or at the moment are these 2 things too far apart at the present time…

Thanks in advance…

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I am curious what the MPU community may come up with as a solution to your scenario.

Being a heavy iPad user myself, I still cannot imagine doing everything without my Mac. One reason is your mentioned way of how nicely Hazel handles files.

You would like to work iPad only, but you anticipate you will continue to need a desktop scanner?

Some time ago I began preparing an iPad/iPhone only lifestyle for my retirement this past July. I purchased a 1500 series ScanSnap and scanned decades of personal documents. Now the few paper documents I need to save each month can be handled by my iPhone running ScannerPro.

I created workflows in ScannerPro to automatically date & rename, then file to folders on Google Drive, each of the recurring documents I receive each month. Another workflow dates and files to an Inbox folder, miscellaneous items which I later handle manually.

IMO, it all comes down to the amount of paper you need to scan. At most, I have a couple of dozen documents each month.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping a Mac around to do the heavy lifting. I still have an old 2011 mini doing a few things, but I don’t plan to replace it.

At work and at home I use Scanner Pro to scan one-off documents. The workflow makes it easy to get the scanned document into the storage app of your choice. For larger documents it works too.

If you have a lot to scan it may take while since it’s manual. Definitely not as fast as the Scansnap.

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