ScanSnap Question - Scan - Rename - Save - Repeat

Is there a way to put multiple sheets of paper in the feed tray then it would grab only one sheet then ask for a file re-name and save to file then automatically feed the next sheet and start the process over and over until all single sheets are saved with different file names. Now I have to load one sheet at a time save stop add one more sheet then save. I have 2000 single page PDFs with different naming to complete.


You can create a profile in the ScanSnap software to automatically treat your stack of documents as separate scans. Create a new profile and under the Scanning tab, select Simplex Scan for the Sacnning side option. Under the File Option tab, click the Option… button and select “Generate one PDF per 1 page(s)”. Since 2000 pages will not fit in the input tray, you may want to select “Continue scanning after last page” in the Scanning tab.

I’m not sure how you are naming the documents, but the use of Hazel or some file naming utility could be helpful here…