ScanSnap stopped performing OCR after a day

After a few years of hearing Katie talk about ScsnSnap I finally broke down and bought the iX500. I set it up for cloud scanning only, so after scanning it sends the document to a shared Dropbox folder. It is sooo amazing and I love the speed at which it scans documents.

Initially it was performing OCR. But a day later none of the documents are OCR’d. I checked all the settings on the iPad ScanSnap Cloud app (which is what I used to set it up) and there is no mention of OCR. Hazel can’t perform any actions on the scanned documents because it doesn’t recognize any text.

Do I need to install something on my desktop to enable OCR? Please help!!

There is a 500 page per day limit on OCRing in the cloud. If you have the ScanSnap software on the Mac do the OCRing there is no limitation.

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Thanks so much! I had no idea that there was a limit. Can I connect it to my computer for OCR AND also do cloud scanning?

My goal is to scan documents to a shared Dropbox folder so me and another person in the house can share the scanner. Is there another way to accomplish this without scanning to the cloud?

Thanks again for your response. I thought I ‘broke’ the scanner.

If you scan to your Mac you can specify a Dropbox folder as the destination. And it will be OCRed (as long as you have that enabled in the scan profile). No page limit.

Thanks. But will the other person be able to retrieve their scans from the shared Dropbox folder on their computer even if my computer is in sleep mode?

Yes…The shared folder will be available when your computer is off.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

I just found out that the OCR limit for scanning through ScanSnap cloud is 500 pages per month :frowning: not per day.

Ops! Even worse! Definitely OCR locally.