Scansnap to Devonthink 3

Hi everyone!

I recently upgraded to Devonthink 3 (Pro). I’ve set up my Scansnap to scan to the new Devonthink, and that part works. However, in Devonthink 2, you’d see a little progress window of the scanning process followed by a pop-up window that would let you edit the metadata (like the name of the file, tags) before sending it into the DT Inbox.

In Devonthink 3, it doesn’t seem to do that and I’m wondering if I’m missing something in the preferences that would let me do that again? It was terribly convenient for bulk scans.

I’m not at my Mac so can’t point you directly to it, but there is a setting for that in the DEVONthink preferences, yes. I ran into the same thing, thinking things were broken when everything went to the inbox.

Figured it out :slight_smile: It wasn’t in the Devonthink preferences, but rather in my Scansnap profile where I must have forgotten to change the very bottom “Application: Send to:” option to Devonthink 3