Scapple App for visual thinking and explaining

Scapple, by Literature & Latte (think Scrivener) has become a valuable App in my toolkit for thinking and explaining. It’s a simple, non-hierarchical way to do diagrams, mind-maps, etc. It is somewhere between Mind-Node and OmniOutliner for me. There are limited features and that makes it all the better. The only thing missing is an iPad version.


Yes, I really like it too, but not having it on iOS yet is limiting. I think I heard they plan on an iOS version.

I agree. I am not very visual and have never really liked or gotten mind mapping as a tool but Scapple fits for those times when it is necessary.

I adore Scapple, but unfortunately I am spending 80% of my time on IOS now. Also, I really think that the Scapple concept is perfect for IOS. I am really hoping that they make the port at some point.

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