Scheduling email to send at a future time

I remember Katie talking about an email program she used that allowed her to schedule email to be sent in the future (ie not at 11 pm, but 8 am the following morning). Does anyone have a suggestion for the best way(s) to do this?

Thank you.

Airmail has a send later function.

Katie was probably talking about SaneBox, a subscription service that also handles spam, etc.

I think she might have been talking about Airmail. I don’t think SaneBox would allow me to send an email at a later time, it would just remind me about it.

Thanks for suggesting, I’ll check out Airmail.

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Mailbutler and MailHub (plug-ins) both do this on the Mac. Your Mac must be on with MailHub, and with some accounts with Mailbutler.

As does Mail Act-on/Mail-Suite(?) by SmallCubed.

Mail Suite isn’t inspiring confidence (in me at least), as it has gone into beta sometime back, and still remains in beta. I think this was due to incompatibilities with Mojave. I moved away from it before then, as there were problems with it. (Another $50 down the drain.)

I think she used Boomerang for this.

Outlook for Mac 2016 can do it. Requires Office 365 subscription. Mac need not be running at the time.

Spark by Readdle can do this and its free.

This is one of the principal reasons I use Spark. (As already noted in the thread, Airmail can also do this, but for some reason Airmail has been slow and buggy for me on both Mac and iOS.)

I like the idea of SaneBox, but it gets expensive if you need/want it for more than one email account, and I have several.

Boomerang is great if you access your mail primarily in the browser (and again, if you don’t have a lot of email addresses — in this case, the issue’s convenience rather than cost).

Spark was best for my use case because I can handle all of my mail in one place.

I was going to say you could do this using Automator and Calendar. I used this method in years past to schedule backups, send users emails to remind them of upcoming meetings, etc.

But it now appears Apple has removed the ability of calendar events to run scripts. Or am I overlooking something?

I personally use MailButler. I generally leave my computer on, so even the email accounts that don’t connect completely still work perfectly fine with this. I have mine set to always suggest 9am on the next working day. Plus, I love being able to snooze my emails for later. I do wish that this worked better with iOS, though…