Scheduling Software


I do all my work on Macs and use iCal for my calendars. My problem is that that the admin for my office uses Windows with Outlook and needs to be able able to schedule appointment for me during my office hours. I also schedule appointments during those hours so we both need to be able to fill those time slots.

What would be the best way for her to be able to see my availability and put appointments on that calendar without my being on Outlook? I know there’s a hack for ITTT using Google Calendar, but I’d like to avoid using Google if possible. Is there a scheduling app that would let her schedule me from her PC and have it appear on my iCal? I’d like it to be as simple / easy as possible for her.

Thanks for any and all advice.

The question is where are your accounts hosted? If you’re using an Exchange account provided by the office you’re fine, she can schedule with that in Outlook and done.

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Thanks. We are on Exchange. I’ll have to investigate this further. Clearly I’m not doing something right.

Edit: Many thanks again. The calendar was turned off on my Exchange account. :slight_smile: