Screen Freeze Unresponsive Keyboard — iPad 10.5

Periodically my iPad Pro freezes. Google indicates I’m not alone. The solutions offered tend to be shut down the iPad type. Sure enough, it unfreezes, but this does no ward off the underlying problem.

Happens when I’m using software keyboards. Usually on this site using Discourse app. Appears random, I can go days with no difficulties. But the last four days it’s frequent.

I’ve started charting the failures, removed Padkeys… All my apps are up to date. Now using Safari blah blah.

Am I alone?

Apple store is many miles away, and I could stand there unable to duplicate the freeze situation.

But a mans gotta do what…

Only with third party keyboards or also the built-in Apple one?

Still sorting, today I removed gboard …only stock now.

At random, I experience this too, both with/without keyboard on-screen.
Can also happen on Home screen, or in Safari - just about any app.

I use SwiftKey & Grammarly keyboard.

This has happened to me. I am using the new 12.9 iPadPro with the most recent iOS update. I just use the stock software keyboard. Since I cannot remember the specifics, I cannot report what I was using at the time.

Thanks, I’ll look for other causes than my original speculations. My iPad has been its well behaved mode so no new information or guesses from me.