Screen sharing for private gaming

I recently bought some Jackbox games on Steam. I want to run this on my Mac Mini and allow family and friends to join via browser so that they can see my screen and hear the sound but not interact with the Mac Mini.

I was thinking about Twitch, but I’m unsure whether you can make the session private.

I’ve tried Whereby, but it’s limited to 4 sessions and I want up to 8.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Ad of course, this is casual, so ideally it would be free.

I’ve played the Jackbox games via MS Teams - I can’t recall if it’s free, as its included in my work package, but I can invite non MS accounts to it and it worked fine.

Thanks Drezha,

I’m nervous about using my work account for non work purposes, especially with information security. Otherwise it would be perfect. Skype may be an option though, thinking about it.

Would FaceTime work as well?

I checked the website and it looks like you could use a standard Microsoft account if you’ve got one. (Link)

A shot in the dark, but StreamYard might work for something like this. I tested it several months ago for a live stream, before settling on another option, but I remember thinking at the time that it might be a good, easy tool for games with remote family members, or watching movies together remotely. It looks like the free version allows 6 participants, though, not 8.

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I don’t think that you can join via browser. Also several family members are not on Apple :face_vomiting:

But thank you for the suggestion.

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For most of the Jackbox games we’ve played, the leader has streamed through Discord. During COVID, 50 viewers are supported for free. The downside is that you’ll need to get everyone on Discord.

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What is the problem with that? It shouldn’t be too hard to get them to sign up. All you really need is an email, a username, and a password.

Yes, it’s nothing nefarious. It just depends on a group member’s willingness to create an account, as opposed to just clicking a link.

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Can people really be that lazy?

Could also use zoom for free up to 45 minutes

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Because some of the people I want to invite won’t set up new usernames and the will, forget them the next time

It’s not laziness, just realistic for joe public, i.e. not a power user.

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I have no hope in humanity then if they cannot type in three simple things. :laughing:

And I pity anyone who judges others before putting themselves in someone else’s shoes

Hey, it isn’t the 1990s.