Screen Sharing issues M1 to 4th gen ATV

Hello, Any suggestions would be appreciated. My wife’s new M1 MBA (8 core/16gig/1TB) has problems screen sharing to our 4th gen Apple TV. The signal breaks up and the video and audio stutter. It will play correctly on the MAC screen. Our 6S phones can screen share better, but still on occasion do this. I have a month left of my warranty to figure out if it is a hardware issue. (network specs: Linksys MAX-Stream AC2200 Router - Motorola MB8600 modem - Comcast just put in a new line last week. 118MB/S download) TIA Barry

Update: We have been in contact with Apple Support. We were advanced to higher level tech support and have provided two data dumps from M1 and one from Apple TV. They asked to update the MAC to 11.2.2. Problem still persists. Apple Engineers working on this issue.