Screen Time - how is it working for you? (poll)



Not specific enough. Say it shows I’m using the kindle app. Great, I want to know how many hours were reading programming books or non-fiction vs how many in thriller and how many cozy mysteries.

Or take Safari, was I just goofing off, doing a google search realted to something or some work or farm project or reading news and forums?

Or say it shows I was on Facebook. It calls that Social Media, However, the only use I have for Facebook is 2 groups on photography and photo organizing, and 2 groups on sheep. I’d want to know how long I was in heac of those groups. And neither of those cases is social media for me, it’s work. Especially sicne I hate Facebook. :wink:

So screen time does not provide fine enough data for me.

It’s the same problem I have with most of the timing apps that track usage on the Mac too. When I boot my machine I automatically load Safari, Calendar, Mail, Omnifocus and DEVONThink. But I use all those tools for work and play projects and the information on how much time I am in those apps doesn’t tell me what I was using it for.

So what I do is every once in a while I track my time on 6 minute increments, what was I doing the last 6 minutes. reason it that’s an easy decimal of hours and minutes. So I can spend, say 6 minutes here on MPU using safar and that’s one category and 6 minutes on Safari entering in sheep data to the on-line poriton of the registry, those are totally different uses for the same app.

Ditto for Scrivener, LibreOffice, Kindle and nearly all apps I use.


I find it interesting, but I don’t take any action based on the results. I don’t use social media (as in Facebook or Twitter) so I don’t really feel that my screen time is generally frivolous. It’s nice to be able to see the spikes in usage, and to generally be able to attribute that to whatever was going on (or not going on) on that particular day.

I haven’t felt a need to use any of the usage limit features.


Seems like you’d be better served using the Timings app?


I tried timings and it was a bit better but still not nearly granular enough for me. Then I stepped back and said why do I really care?

Turns out that the only time I realyl worry about how much time I am spending on tasks is when I have too much on my plate. And I’d be beter served by doing an in depth review of those projecgts and see what ones I can postpone or get rid of. I can rarely delegate to anyone (sheep don’t take direction well ) so it’s me or not for most of what I have in my task manager.


Since I flip back-and-forth between the iPad and my Mac Screen Time really isn’t very useful. I check it occasionally for apps that I use only on the iPad. Some of the category classifications of apps don’t make sense and can’t be changed to reflect how I use them. Now how will it classify the time I spent on MPU Talk?