Screencasting - recommendations

I’m a public school Principal from NH. I have been utilizing web based screening casting (the free variety) for years as instructional videos for some of our district software, technology hints around the Google Suite, etc. There are many teachers and administrators I work with that would love to screencast more too. Our elementary students can join in as well.

What web based screencasting software would you recommend? We are a Windows/Mac platform district so web based makes sense.



Hi Bill,
I’m a director of technology for a school district, and we’ve found Camtasia from TechSmith to be a great answer for our folks, and educational site licenses are reasonable. They have both Mac and Windows versions. I try to avoid the web-based tools, though, as I’ve personally found them either lacking in features, unreliable, or a bit of both. Good luck!

Thanks so much! I know Camtasia has a great rep.


I had to abandon camtasia - known bug w/ recording from iphone & external mic causes a crash - just an FYI

Been very happy using Telestream Screen Flow

Thanks Kay-I’ll give that a shot.