ScreenFlow 7 purchase question

I have been eyeing the software for a while. I am close to pulling the trigger. My question is should I buy the 129 initial software. Or for 175 they offer extra addons in a package. Is it worth it? What would you guys do? This question is aimed towards anyone that is familiar and have possibly used the software to know if it’s worth it.

Here is a link with a breakdown of the packages.

I’ve used Screenflow for a few years to make screencasts for online classes. I have the basic $130 version and that’s fine because I use it in pretty basic ways – I don’t do a lot of editing.

I’m not sure what you’re using it for so can’t advise you on that, but will say I’ve been completely happy with the software, however limited my skills at it.

I’ve been using ScreenFlow regularly for over five years and am a big fan of the software (despite the occasional glitch).

I’ve only ever purchased the app itself. I’ve looked at the packages, but didn’t find them very compelling. I’ll be curious to hear about other people’s experiences.

See that’s the thing. I don’t want to pay an extra 50-60 bucks buying the extra stuff if its a bunch of garbage. Is there a good variety of editing stuff that comes in the stock software like transitions and being able to add words and stuff like that?

Yes. I’ve created dozens of screencasts with ScreenFlow using just the “basic” package (it was $99 when I got it, though I’ve spent at least that again on upgrades). There are plenty of transitions in the basic package, you can zoom in and out, do callouts, etc. I do a TON of editing with ScreenFlow – that’s where ScreenFlow pays for itself over and over. For example, this 19 minute video has over 60 cuts. ScreenFlow makes it fairly quick and easy to do this type of work. It’s gotten to the point that my fingers fly when doing editing with ScreenFlow. Also, if you have a touch bar, the ScreenFlow editor really takes advantage of it. It’s the one thing I really like the touch bar for.


Here’s a tip – Keynote is really great tool for working with ScreenFlow. You can add text with ScreenFlow, but I rarely use that. Instead I use Keynote for both title slides and animations. The title slide above was created with Keynote.

If you watch the first part of the video below you’ll see that some pretty nice animations can be done in Keynote and transferred to Screenflow (I export the animations from Keynote as movies, then edit in Screenflow). All the text flying around and “crashing” is standard Keynote animations (at the 31 second mark), with sound effects added. If you look closely you’ll also see the nebula in the background is slightly spinning and zooming. The first 90 seconds of this video was created entirely in Keynote.

I also used FotoMagico to create animations for each section of this movie. I wouldn’t purchase FotoMagico just for that, but since I already had it, these particular animations were easier to create than had they would have been using Keynote.


Wow thanks so much for all the information and advice. I will defiately watch all the videos you sent me. I do have keynote so I’m glad to hear I already own software that will contribute. Thanks again man.

FYI, it appears Screenflow 8 is out. I thought it was on sale for $40, but it appears they’ve moved to a subscription model. I’m not a screen flow user, so please correct me if I’m wrong. If it’s indeed on sale, I wanted to post something.

I’m pretty sure the subscription is only if you want to use their stock footage library. The software is still paid upfront.

The ScreenFlow app is not subscription based. Though, as @ChrisUpchurch mentioned, there’s a new and optional Stock Media Library (audio, video and images) that is subscription based.

I spent some time with ScreenFlow 8 trial yesterday and am definitely going to be upgrading. I’m also planning to subscribe to the Stock Media Library for at least a year. Time will tell how much use it gets.

I recommend checking out the What’s New in ScreenFlow 8 videos on the Screenflow page. They provide a good overview of the key new features and enhancements.

Hi - the upgrade from v7 is 39.00 for now - I just got it and skipped the stock footage as I won’t need that part