Screentime passcode

So when I updated to iOS 12, which I did as soon as it came out, I haven’t been able to access Screentime in Settings.

I can access it but I cant change anything because it prompts me for a passcode each time. I don’t know the passcode. I spoke to Apple Support over Twitter DM and they said the passcode is the same as my Restrictions passcode on earlier iOS systems.

I don’t know that passcode either… So the only option is to reset my device and set it up as new, which I really don’t want to do. It will take about 4-5 hours to set up all my apps and everything again from new. Any thoughts and suggestions out there? I guess my only option is to just until I get a new phone and then do a clean install at that point. But it’s just strange.

Thanks :blush:

There’s a bit of info in a previous thread:

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I would start with all the obvious ones first. 0000 1111 5555 1234, your birth year, ddmm of your birthday, credit card PIN number, anything else you might have used.

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I’ve some free time soon. If I’m really bored I’ll spend it setting up my phone as new to access Screentime. Not sure it’s worth it though