Scribble... your experiences

I was thoroughly looking forward to it but I’m having a succession of problems implementing Scribble. It seems to be nothing but difficulties.

I’ve tried to confine myself to Apple apps like Notes and Pages. The latter in particular just made a big mess just like you’d expect from a scribbler! I have beautiful handwriting (once exacerbated by a busted wrist) and I’m a big believer in cursive for kids. (There are countries where they do not teach handwriting and never really have like Mexico. I’m making an educated guess that Deutschland too).

Have you had better luck?

I also find it rather annoying that the OCR is immediate and just complicates matters, perhaps increasing the number of errors.

Things by Cultured Code works flawlessly with scribble. works perfectly with it too.

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Notes is STILL giving me problems but I tried again.

Things works “flawlessly!” That’s terrific. Love :two_hearts: that app.


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In Germany every pupil has to learn writing cursive with a fountain pen… .


I’m having trouble with writing in all caps, combining numbers and letters and similar. The lack of a carriage return (did I just divulge my age?) is annoying. I find the instant conversion distracting as I wait to see what it comes up with.
I use it in Omni Focus and Agenda and it certainly works but I find that the small text fields can be a bit confining.
Not bad for a V1 though.

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I turned it off. It was driving me nuts in Procreate and Affinity Designer.


It needs an app to app setting for sure!


I wonder if it might be a matter of context, and pausing while writing for the ocr to catch up?
Maybe while writing the AI anticipates the words that are coming up, or goes back and corrects previous guesses based on the current context.
In other words, maybe writing full sentences with minimal pauses would work better.

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I’ve used it a bit, mostly in Food Noms and to fill out some onscreen forms. So far it works wonderfully. I do not write in cursive other than my signature. I do a mix of printing and some partial cursive letters and my writing is terrible. Scribble is at least as good as GoodNotes in understanding what I write.

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I’m having problems with this too. I also find it has trouble with medical terms and abbreviations.

Other than that it works great. I use it on work forms all the time.

I wish there was an app where you could train it, by correcting its mistakes.


The most trouble I have is to control when the Scribble option appears and when the full onscreen keyboard appears. Usually the Scribble occurs when the last interaction is with Pencil, and keyboard pops up if finger is used. But this doesn’t always work correctly.

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Terrific, Benjamin. Has it been like that for decades? Also, perhaps they are referring to a different form of Cursive? My impression is there is not much slanting.

I grew up with the Palmer Method which I rather like.

I can’t see much rhyme or reason to the way it performs. I keep having to stop and correct errors it makes.

Maybe someone can tell me. I often want to spell a word differently that my iPad Os has been taught to do. How do I let the ‘puter know just to allow my spelling, version, modification in?

Thank you, John. It makes sense!

I find it a bit of a struggle to use but I try it a couple of times a week. Some part of my brain feels like it’s how a computer should work.

I generally find the floating keyboard easier in situations where I might use Scribble.

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It has been like that since the 19th century I would think, but yes I get that what you mean with cursive might differ from written script (Schreibschrift) in Germany. Here is an example of what my daughter has to learn in the German school here in Oslo:


That’s beautiful, Benjamin!

Btw, what’s that first letter?

That is a capital S:)

Danke shön. Das ist wundershön, Benjamin!

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