Script OFStats for Omnifocus that works with OF3?

From the old thread

Sadly this no longer works in OF 3. Actually it runs but won’t update the data. I can’t even remember where I got this and I’m not sure how to fix it to work with OF 3. Figured I’d ask here in case anyone else knows.

See my follow up to your link post. The script probably needs to have “context” replaced by “tag” to run with OF3. You might post to the OF forum asking whether someone has updated it accordingly.


I did, will see what response I get. 2 issues I have with OF3 and why my main mac is still running OF2, 1 is this script and the other is my custom theme that makes the next action a different color. In OF3 we lost the ability to create themes and I used it to fine tune what my display looks like.

I got a response back from support with a modified script that works and gives most of the same data. How do I post a script here so it stays as code? Or I can e-mail it directly.

hmm, maybe I can go put it up in my GitLab account somewhere.

Post it at the OF Forum and reference it here.



OFStats Script for OF3

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