Scrivener hyperlinks disappear on export

I had a detailed bit of writing to do and I needed to reference several documents. I decided to compile this all in Scrivener and I found it super helpful. However, when I went to export my written words, all the hyperlinks were gone. They still show as blue and underlined, but if you click on them nothing happens. Is there a way around this?

What I’m looking for is the ability to link to urls and pdf documents that are export friendly. I searched on the scrivener message boards, and there is evidence of lots of people having similar problems, but the posts were all several years old. I hope someone can tell me I’m missing something simple.

To what format did you compile to? If HTML did you look at source to see if there were active links? Depending on the compile format and the version of Scrivener (neither do you say) there is a compile settings about “remove all hyperlinks”. Perhaps that checked “on”?