Scrivener on 11” iPad Pro

Hello there! This is my first post on the new board. I’m wondering if anyone uses Scrivener on the new 11 inch iPad Pro. I’m thinking about going iPad-only this coming year, but this would be a dealbreaker as I am an academic doing most of my writing on Scrivener on a 13 inch MBP.

I use Scrivener on my 12.9” and it’s been nice for writing long documents with the Smart Keyboard Folio. I don’t think I’m missing any organizational tools, but I haven’t spent a lot of time with the macOS version. I am barely comfortable with their sync approach, though. I understand they require Dropbox because their data models is too complex for iCloud sync, but Dropbox has issues if your usage overlaps too much among your devices. For that reason I haven’t set it up on my phone.

FYI you might get more targeted replies if you ask on the Reddit Scrivener forum or peruse Literature & Latte’s main discussion forum.

Question, how comparable are the Mac and iOS versions? In the olden days the feature sets were markedly different.