Search for photo containing this text

(This might be straying into Automator territory but nevermind.)

With the iOS 15 ability to extract text from a photo how would one go about solving the following problem?

" Get me the photos containing the following text."

It could be automation, it could be a search in Photos itself. What’s returned could be a view in Photos, or a list of photo identifiers, or something else.

A use case might be: “I know there’s an electricity bill from 3 months ago I scanned to Photos but I can’t find it now”.

Searches could be literal or wildcarded or, gulp :slight_smile: , ReGEx.

And “there’s an app for that” :slight_smile: is a perfectly good answer. As is “some assembly required”.

Spotlight will do this natively in ipados 15

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Yes, but only for devices with an A12 Bionic chip or newer.

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