Seasonal Keynote Nostalgia 🙃

It’s my favorite time of year: New IPhone Season! I love it all: the rumor mills are pumping out updates seemingly every hour - podcasters, bloggers and YouTubers frantically releasing predictions, product and software leaks… you name it, I love it and consume all of it.

I also get a heavy does of nostalgia for the good ol’ days of Steve triumphantly striding onstage and delivering a keynote.

I figured it would be fun to post my favorite Apple presentation and invite others to post their favorite Keynotes of years past as we await iPhone 11 (Pro?) to be unveiled.

Tonight, I’m watching the iPhone 4 keynote and it’s hitting me right in the feels. Steve is at his irreverent best here: it’s right on the heels of an Apple employee leaving their prototype iPhone 4 at a bar and Gizmodo (I believe) plastered pics of the new device all over the web. It was the introduction of Retina Display and that glass and (pre-antennagate!) metal banded design.

What’s your favorite Apple product presentation?

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The iPod-era fall music events are seriously underrated.


I watched the iPod presentation as well tonight! It’s amazing to see how the presentations have evolved along with the products.