See Apple Watch in AR

So this is pretty cool. I don’t know if any of you have tried this but you can go to the Apple Watch page and use AR to view a series 6. I tried it with the watch “sitting“ on my coffee table.

This strikes me as the future of online retail. You can get a full view of a product and never leave your chair. What do you think?


Well now I’m embarrassed! :slight_smile: This is the first time I’ve ever noticed this. I’m hoping this is news to at least one other person who is willing to admit it here. :laughing: even one other will make me feel much better.

I have never noticed that. Of note, I could not find mention of this on the Apple Store App on the iPhone nor iPad.

This is also available for some products in the Amazon app. I was searching for a new thermos mug last month and there was an AR for it, so I put it on my desk right where I was likely to use it! It’s a fun way to visualize how things look before you use them.

Oh good, now I feel a little better! :slight_smile:

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