Seeking a way to adapt Drafts and/or Find a simple alternative to Google Doc/Sheets & Apple Pages/Numbers ::

I am a newbie to Drafts and helping someone who loves what she has heard about it. She wants to use it for simple spreadsheet calculations. She finds google sheets too complicated. I am reading it is a text centric application. There are lots of innovators here and so I am going to ask this seemingly silly question. Is there a way to create simple tables in Drafts with or without formulas?

Alternatively, what simple alternatives to google sheets exist which I may propose to her. Or, turning it all on its head, what about a new software which can handle simple text management as well as table calculations - which is simpler that the google and apple stuff.

What say you?
Looking forward to learning something new! Thank you.

While I don’t have a suggestion for alternative software, and I absolutely love Drafts, it really does focus on text. It’s not really suitable for spreadsheet type work. There’s a way of getting tabular style data into drafts, but it follows the Markdown syntax which isn’t the most fun to play with. It’s also not at all compatible with formulas.

Hopefully someone else will have a better suggestion though for an alternative piece of software.

Maybe something like soulver?

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or may be the Soho suite of apps , like Zoho Writer