Seeking: iOS email client that allows user to edit subject of received email

I am hoping someone in the community can assist with this.


Edit when? (Archiving, replying, forwarding, …)

archiving… some emails have long subject and i would prefer i shorter one that i can remember for searching.

i know HEY does this.

I was going to say HEY, but that’s the only platform supporting it that I am aware of.

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If it’s just for achieving important emails, consider DEVONthink. It supports the eml file drag & dropped from and treats it like any regular documents.

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HEY is the only one that I can think of. I have never heard of anything else that can modify the subject of received emails.

And HEY is doing that by changing the thread subject on the server. The email itself is never changed.

I seem to recall this could be done using Microsoft Outlook, but I suspect this would also require being on a Microsoft email system.

On desktop the Microsoft Outlook app and thunderbird (via add ons) can do this with any imap service.

Nothing on iOS

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