Seeking phone advice

My iPhone X touch is not working for numerals 7,8,and 9. Apple restored online but nothing changed. Options ? Mail in, restore from factory settings at least I could probably answer the phone, (currently cannot enter passcode) or just buy a new one?

It certainly sounds like a hardware problem, and normally I would advise a visit to the nearest Apple Store and/or a Genius Bar appointment, but given the current situation that’s not possible. It looks like there are Apple-refurbished iPhone 8’s and 10R’s available on the Apple website, and of course the 11’s. One of those seems like your best option (assuming your phone is out of warranty).

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Since you’ve already done this, I assume your photos and other important were safe on iCloud before doing so. If so: Worth trying a factory restore:

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Sure sounds like a Mail-in repair is in your future unless you can find an open Apple Authorized Service Provider in your area that could replace the display. Since it is an iPhone X, Apple did offer a Quality Program for No Touch displays based on the serial number range.

Might be worth a call to AppleCare and see if you could possibly get it repaired for free!

Just make a sure you have a backup and remove the SIM card before mailing it in. You also should plan on being without this phone for up to 2 weeks due to Apple’s repair center being swamped. Hopefully you have an older iPhone you could use in the meantime.

And now you have the SE 2020, which is what I’ll be getting!