Selling Mac Online - advice on 2 vendors

Looking to sell a Mac mini online. Has anyone here had any experience with or

I’ve looked at a few vendors but these had the best offers.I usually sell to gazelle but they are not buying Mac minis.

Hi - doesn’t look like the community was helpful here, where did you end up going to sell? I have an 2020 11” iPad Pro and magic keyboard I want to sell so as i can upgrade to 12.9 and can’t get a recommendation from anyone…

I researched 3 sites: , , and . buybackworld offered the most and gazelle, the least. On instinct, I sold a Mac Mini to itsworthmore and it was a good experience. I liked that you could insure the device you were mailing back and you could (for a small fee) expedite payment through zelle. I ended up selling a MacBookAir to them a few weeks later. Both of my devices had been in excellent condition and I’ve never had to settle for less than the initial quote. I have not tried buybackworld. Gazelle no longer buys devices.


I have since sold some old sonos to and it was a good experience. I think has started to buy items again.