Send to iCloud Drive?

Maybe I am missing something here…or I don’t see it as clearly.

Is there an option when you right click a file on your computer to just send it to iCloud Drive?
Does anyone have an option/workflow/shortcut for example that does the following?

If I dump 20 PDFs into iCloud, they automatically go to the appropriate folder?

It seems like you are asking for two things there so I’m not sure where the actual problem lies.

You can simply drag files to iCloud Drive which is in the Finder sidebar by default. If you frequently target a specific folder inside of iCloud Drive, you can add that the the sidebar as well, for convenience.

If you want stuff auto-filed, then one of the automation apps will work fine for monitoring or targeting iCloud Drive folders. I have Hazel and one of my rules finds image files and PDFs in my download folder that are over a certain age and moves them into my Pictures (shared) and Documents folders in iCloud.


It is possible to create a “move” service in automator and add that to the right click menu. (or at least it used to be). So moving files to a directory in iCloud should not be that hard to do.

the SweetSetup has this article on it:

I’d say the only option to sort from there into appropriate folder would be Hazel (or keyboard Maestro maybe).