Sending text messages on Mac

So I’ve decided to take another look at Drafts. I loved it and used it for a long time. Then I fell off it. But now with actions on the Mac, I’m re-looking at it. But I’m starting small and not jumping in blindly and trying to do too much with it.

One thing I was thinking about was sending a text message to a group of people.

I know I can do this in Drafts. I have already set up an action for it. However, I’m wondering if I can do this in Alfred Powerpack and if so, if there is a benefit doing it there instead of Drafts.

Do any of you send messages in the Mac Message app without opening the app up then typing in all the contacts?

I use Drafts for composing and sending long texts all the time. I own Alfred+Powerpack but since Drafts offers one-click messaging I never investigated using Alfred - I never saw the point. If I were to use or create a workflow I’d have to compose in some app, why not Drafts, which is powerful and free (and doesn’t require Alfred)?

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In my mind, it’s easier to do it in Drafts because you can just start typing the message and then click on a pre-defined action (e.g. Send message to family). There is no mental gymnastics in Alfred to remember what terminology to use to send a test to my family versus some other group.