Sending video email

I wonder if someone smarter than me (that’s all of you) could help me think about how to craft a Shortcut for this video email workflow:

Recording a video message, uploading it somewhere, be it S3, or Dropbox, or iCloud, somewhere with a public link, extracting a thumbnail image, placing a play button watermark on top of the image (to encourage people to click it), and creating a little bit of HTML that makes the image a link to that video hosted online.

I basically want to send a video email, a’la Bonjoro or BombBomb, Vidyard, etc - but in a cleaner, less-sales, less-weird, more-native way.

Any thoughts?

Is this what you had in mind?

Dr. Drang just posted an article this week which demonstrates how to convert any HTML/CSS into an image via a shortcut. It starts out with converting emoji to images, but expands to convert an entire HTML table of emoji (with CSS) to a single image. Doing an image overlay would be pretty simple using this method.

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I guess a Youtube could be a thing, but I’d prefer it to be just an uploaded MP4 to my own online storage. They’ll only be 30-60 seconds videos.

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