- Sense Home Energy Monitor

Hi there,
Anyone have any experience with the Sense Home Energy Monitor? Am trying to diagnose what’s driving my electrical bill to astronomical levels and came across this… Anyone have experience with it? Thanks!

I don’t have any experience with Sense, but we’ve been using a product (The Energy Detective) for the last 10 years that uses a similar technology. The model that we have is no longer supported and now has some software and stability problems, but we used it heavily when we first had it installed to track down a number of issues with our new house. That included high energy use from a badly installed instant hot water system, failures in our heat pump, configuration problems with the in-floor heating coils, septic system issues, and more. We made back the cost in energy savings in a few months. It’s also given us early warnings of maintenance issues and probably saved us money there as well.

So while I don’t have any experience with Sense or even recent models of The Energy Detective, I can say that the general approach worked very well for us. One caveat is that we had to do a lot of our own analysis. Device detection never worked that well on our older TED. Sense claims to address that. Some of the reviewers seem to have had a different experience but I don’t know personally.

Thanks! Exceedingly helpful. Sounds like you had a bit of a nightmare experience power-wise… will look into TED as well.

I have a sense and like it. I have solar part too. It’s doing a good job slowly finding things. I’m really happy. I go around and flip switches and watch the graph blow up. I pay a small fortune for electricity and this is helping me figure things out. I went on vacation for a week and turned off my electric hot water heater.