Sep 26th: BusyMac is aware of BusyCal and BusyContacts starting to crash today

I just found this note hidden on a BusyMac webpage:

26 Sep: IMPORTANT NOTE - If BusyCal and BusyContacts have suddenly started crashing recently, this is due to a breaking change introduced by Google at their end. We’re aware of it and have also reported this to Google. Please sit tight and wait for an update. There’s no need to contact us regarding this.”

Had they emailed this information to registered users, I wouldn’t have sent them an error log.

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same here – I also sent them a screenshot of my error log

Ditto. Whatever it was that BusyMac claims Google broke, it didn’t break Calendar or Fantastical, or anything else I use that communicates with Google calendar, so the “Google broke it” claim seems a bit suspect.

Anyway, Fantastical 2 is Mojave-compliant (including dark mode) so it’s a good alternative for now.

Not necessarily suspicious claim. If they are using old API that the other calendar apps you mentioned, this might be the case. Actually it should be embarrassing to them, as it means they are not following up with Google’s announcements.

BusyMac has now emailed registered users with a patch. I downloaded it and it fixed the problem (for now).

Is there a link you can post? I’m a registered owner of all their products and didn’t receive the message.


We’re very sorry for the trouble you’ve experienced. Just recently, Google made a breaking change on their servers, causing havoc. This was in total disregard of the vast number of developers and users that rely on these services. This change caught us, and developers relying on these services, completely off guard. The change unfortunately resulted in fatal crashes when the app tried to perform sync with Google’s servers. This issue was reported to them, however given its severity, we couldn’t wait for them to fix this so we’ve managed to put in a fix into our apps ourselves.

To resolve these crashes, you will have to download and install the latest update. In case you are on BusyCal 2, you will need to upgrade to BusyCal 3 (paid upgrade) as BusyCal 2 is no longer supported.

For BusyCal 3 macOS, please download:

For BusyContacts macOS, please download:

For BusyCal iOS, we’ve released it to TestFlight beta. You can either join TestFlight by clicking on this link, or wait for Apple to approve the update:

You do not need to do anything else - installing the update over the previous version should fix the problem. Older versions of the app won’t work anymore though.

Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks.


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Thank you very much @JaxGirl

The BusyCal update works.

I don’t use Busyanything, but looking at their release notes, it looks like they’ve been working on new features, then on 9/24 realized Mojave was a thing and they needed to react and make BusyCal compatible with it on 9/25.