SetApp iOS only

This would only apply to a very small subset of people, but…
I noticed today that SetApp offers an iOS only plan for substantially cheaper ( I think it’s 35 a year). The sticking point is not all their apps allow the iOS version to be used in an iOS only subscription.

It does have Noteplan, MindNode, Ulysses and 2Do for iOS and iPadOS. If you primarily use your phone and tablet, it might be a useful way of working with those apps.

I couldn’t find a way of signing up from their website, I had to contact them directly to get the trial subscription for it set.


And Craft is coming tomorrow. Hopefully it will be supported on iOS through the SetApp subscription.

Which would be great!

I use MindNode regularly, and would have been using Ulysses and NotePlan other than the subscriptions are higher cost compared to what I get out of them.
Adding Craft into the mix would be nice.

I spend the majority of my time on my iPad these days….we’ll have to see if I can get by without using those apps on my computer……or if I end up committing to a full Mac +iOS subscription down the road.

I’m not 100% positive, but I think all those apps are feature compatible between the Mac and iOS versions. So unlike something like DEVONThink to Go, there isn’t any functionality that’s missing from the different OS versions.

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Ulysses is nearly there, although I found I couldn’t customise export styles on iPadOS which does matter to me. It’s one of my most used apps… moving entirely to iPad would be a possibility if the final few features could be ported.

Craft is available under the iOS only plan. Just downloaded it now.

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Me too!! :smiley:

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