Setting up multiple monitors

I would like to connect my new MacbBook Pro to 2 monitors. What do you recommend for hardware (e.g. docks) and software to make this happen?

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What model year is your MacBook Pro?

If it’s a recent model with Thunderbolt 3 ports then you’ll need two USB-C to HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA cable, depending on what connections you have on your monitors. This will be the cheapest way but means you now have three cables to remove when you want to move the MacBook. A Thunderbolt Dock will be more expensive but will run both monitors plugged into a dock and give you a single cable to plug into your MacBook with should also provide power.


Thanks for your help.

@stevek - What sort of monitors are you connecting to? If they’re 4K I recommend using a USB-C to DP or MiniDP). I went with this one for connecting my 2016 MacBook Pro to my Dell U2718Q. Not all 4K monitors/adapters support 60 Hz over HDMI, and I don’t recommend using 30 Hz.