Settings Icon has Notification Badge but I can’t find out what they are for

Hello…I recently had my iPad Pro replaced by Apple due to a screen issue. I had backed up the iPad before sending it out, and restored the replacement iPad with the backup. I am running the latest version of iOSThe settings icon has a red notification badge (with a 2 in it) that I have been unable thus far to figure out why. I did a hard reset of the iPad with no effect. I went through every section of settings and could not find any updates or missing information. I am at a loss. It obviously is not impacting performance, but it is a bit annoying. I search the forum here but could not locate anything. Online search was also a bust. Thanks

It says 2?

Could be you need to re-confirm your apple ID login, and an update is ready?

What happens when you check your apple ID, doss it ask for your password?

Thanks. I had not tried logging all the way out of iCloud and then back in. I did so and the red badge disappeared.

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