Setup for remote connection

Back to My Mac is going away, I haven’t really used it that frequently, but the few times I’ve had a need to use it - it’s been a life saver.

Now that it will go away, I figure I might as well look into setting up something properly. As a Setapp Subscriber, I noticed Screens is one of their Apps a while back, and this would open up for buying an iOS App to connect from those devices too.

But I’m not going to go about setting up some new remote connection setup without checking in here for some good ideas. :slight_smile:

i use jumpdesktop for it . it has a companion app called jump desktop connect that can be used behind a firewall . works very good for for pcs and macs alike .
better then any flavor of vnc .

Screens is fantastic.

screens can be problematic with firewalls/routers , besides that , i agree

Thanks! It turns out that Jump Desktop is also a Setapp App, so I guess I’ll give both a test for Mac-to-Mac via Setapp and see how it works out before investing in anything for iOS.

I use Screens, only just got Setapp and had it before - you don’t actually need the part that comes with Setapp if you are accessing from iOS. Primary use for me is to remote in from iPad when I need something I can’t do on iOS, particularly like that I can use my phone as a trackpad whilst using iPad as the system.

Can’t comment on jump desktop as haven’t used it.

The firewall stuff I have found largely fine using the screens software on the host computer, it seems to work around most issues. I have a VPN on which caused me an issue but it was just a case of opening a port on my router.

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Any update here? Are Screens and Remote Desktop still the best choices?

I’m looking for remote access from an iPad Pro to a Mac. At the moment, they’re both on the same network in the same house.

UPDATE: No, I don’t think Screens and Remote Desktop are what I am looking for if I want to use my Mac desktiop from my iPad, which is what I want to do.

Looks like TeamViewer might be a good option.

I use screens on my iPad to connect both my iMac and MacBook Pro.

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I’ve used Screens successfully and it’s very straightforward to use, but be warned that remote desktoping clients to do not load at boot if you have FileVault enabled. (They only start once you have physically logged into the machine.) If you want to be able to reboot and relog onto the machine remotely using Screens or anything else, you will have to disable FileVault.

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