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With many of us sporting new music gear (in my case, two new HomePods and QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II) I thought it might be fun and interesting for us to share playlists that we particularly enjoy. I recognize that all of us will have different tastes in music but I will get us started with an upbeat album that I consider to be fun. I enjoy many varieties of jazz, blues, lounge, classical, swing, Celtic, some rock, a rare country song.

What Playlist, album do you recommend? Be sure to include the genre.

Here’s one to get us started by Indigo Swing, a fun band. (genre listed as alternative):

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I created a profile and saw that only a few friends were visible, unfortunately. (And most of them have terrible musical taste, so I don’t follow them.) But I was able to find other people who had interesting (similar or dissimilar) tastes so I followed them, and that helped create interesting Apple Music-created ‘Friend Mixes’.

@Bmosbacker Not a playlist per se, but given your stated taste, I would recommend you check out two German groups that I listen to a lot:

  • Bahama Soul Club
  • Club des Belugas

Both bands have great tracks on all their albums, but of course, not every track will catch your attention. (However, some really grow on you over time.)

As for musical tastes… I’m beginning to think I might be the one who has horrible taste, as nobody seems to particularly like what I put on :slight_smile: However, it seems most people are merely playing music, very few are actually listening.

I’ll check these out. My great great grandparents migrated from Mosbach Germany, hence my last name. :slight_smile: I for one do actually listen. :slight_smile:

PS I’m listening to Bahama Soul Club now, I like them! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check out the other suggested a bit later.

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I want to give a shout-out to the 2018 Mix playlist by John Voorhees of MacStories. I’ve found so much fun new music by following John.

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