Share/Sync service for files/receipts

I used to share files/receipts with my accountant with Resilio sync (their firm does not want to use Dropbox or iCloud drive) but had syncing issues often. I am wondering if there is a more efficient and organized way to share receipts with him. My work computers are PCs so I cannot use things like Hazel to auto-sort and rename the receipts (my assistants are also not geeks which does not help :sweat_smile:)
Thanks for your tips and suggestions

It kind of depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

If the goal is just a shared drive and you have the ability to do so, you could set up something like a WebDAV or smb share that they could connect to either via https (for example) or via a VPN to your work network if your work security would allow such a connection.

Assuming, however, that you are looking for a more typical sync’d data store, then I would imaging your options are various commercial or self-hosted alternatives to Dropbox/iCloud. There are many:,, iDrive, etc - all of which, like Dropbox and ResilioSync require a local client to be installed. If you have a Synology server, Synology Drive is very reliable.

You can, if there is a Mac in the mix, have said Mac also access the same sync store, and have Hazel handle files in that manner. For example, I have a ResilioSync folder shared between my laptop and desktop. Only the desktop runs Hazel rules on it. When I drop files into it from the laptop, Hazel will move things around once they are sync’d to the desktop and then those changes propagate back to the laptop, and it works out quite well.

OwnCloud is another self-hosted Dropbox alternative to look at.

If you are not worried about the security end of things eg there is nothing in the files that must be kept secure, then you could also share files via Evernote.

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