Share your Craft, Obsidian, Roam, Notion, etc., productivity workflows

I’m seeing Craft as a partner to DevonThink. DT as a repository for research sources and finished product. Craft for running notes and drafts.

Drafts (capital-D–the app, not the writing stage) is for scribbled notes. Ideally, nothing stays in Drafts more than a few minutes (although in reality sometimes stuff ends up lingering there for days).

I’m still thinking I should give Obsidian another try. But I like using Craft–even though it’s limited functionality and, at least on the Mac, buggy.


From what it sounds like…it seems that Craft (depending on functionality and workflow after testing) would probably replace Ulysses? While I love MacStories I like supporting the newsletter, I have noticed that Federico jumps too much from app to app, but I guess that’s the business model?

I have a subscription to Fantasical for the calendar sets, that’s the feature that keeps things easy and quick for me. The only reason I have a subscription to Drafts is for the accessibility across all devices. I keep trying to go back to Apple Notes but it doesn’t work out. Ulysses has been working since I left ia Writer and byword.

I am wondering if Craft can become a Dashboard and integrate with Omnifocus and my others apps. Does anyone have examples?

I create dashboards in Craft for all of my projects and for “quick Reference” documents. I also connect Craft notes to links within Craft and to other apps like Things, Mail, DEVONthink, etc. It works great for this. From any app I can go back and forth seamlessly.

As to Ulysses, it is a great app. You can write in Craft in Markdown and export to Markdown but Craft makes every paragraph a block—which has significant advantages—but is not ideal for longer form writing. I use Scrivener for medium to long form writing.


I’m using it as a class guide for my students. It has a weekly schedule and I am slowly building out additional resources (I just started seriously working on week 4)

Music Appreciation Semester 2


what’s involved in turning your documents into that web site?

There is a “secret link” for each block or page. So I created a page with multiple sub pages. I share that secret link. It allows for comments and ability to go to linked pages if it is enabled (which I don’t allow).

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I’ve just started on that path too.
I’m finding that as I use Craft more, the little shortcuts like / and @ to bring up options are making content linking and formatting incredibly quick and intuitive. There’s a LOT going on beneath the surface in this app.


Definitely. I had downloaded it awhile ago, and did not like it’s navigational properties. The pages and subpages wasn’t making sense, but it was also during the time I was trying to get into an official Zettel system. And there was friction from being used to Evernote and really liking where they are going.

The ease of linking and keeping stuff in the system without jumping around makes it really nice to build stuff like this out. Also, the example of quickly grouping stuff together with long documents has been amazing when someone sends me an outline of a class or sermon series. I select what I want to group and press CMD + G. It’s pretty genius.


Use the same process for grouping of standards, rubrics, etc., for my graduate syllabus. Makes reading and navigating it much easier.


I’m leaning toward abandoning Craft, or at least diminishing my use of it drastically. There’s a lot to like here, but there are several problems for me, chief of which is I just like plain documents in the Finder, not proprietary database applications for document management. I’ve enjoyed trying Craft out though!


Did you have an app you were using before? Where to now?

I’m late to the party, but I’ve been looking more carefully at Craft again the last few days. (Notion was down most of Friday morning, and today they were having issues with duplication not working. Both incidents underscore the need for offline access to documents.)

One thing that I was experimenting with today: writing blog posts. Craft is just a beautiful writing environment. Here’s the process I tried out:

  1. Write a post in Craft.
  2. Send it to iA Writer. Craft can’t send a post directly to a blog, and in any case I use iA Writer in combination with Working Copy to ensure I always have a versioned backup of my work at GitHub.
  3. From iA Writer, send the draft post to my Ghost blog.

It worked beautifully.


For anyone who’s interested: I came across this Alfred workflow for searching within Craft this afternoon while reading the Slack channel. You can even use it to create a daily note, if that’s something that you do.


Just saw an iOS tip for Craft on Slack, two finger tap on the screen to activate Quick Open. So much more convenient. :blush:

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That’s cool and good to know!

I’m not quite sure I understand. Do you tap the screen and then what opens in Craft? Nothing happens when I tap on my iPad or iPhone screen. Clearly I’m missing something here. :slight_smile:

As you can tell from my prior postings, I like Craft, a lot but why not just write your post in iA Writer and save a step? I write my posts in Scrivener and then post to my blog.

I could do that. But Craft is a more aesthetically pleasing environment for writing. Plus, if I have an image in the post, I can see it in Craft — that’s not as easy to do in iA Writer.

Sorry, yea, it’s a little confusing. It’s a “two finger tap”, so tapping on the screen with two thumbs, or your index finger + middle finger, etc… Here’s a short video that hopefully makes it clearer. :blush:


Thanks for the clarification and video, much appreciated!

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