Share your top 5 RSS feeds!


Several weeks ago, in the spirit of digital minimalism, I de-activated my Twitter account. Even after curating my feed, I still found there to be a a painfully low signal-to-noise ratio.

I bought the RSS reader Reeder 4 soon after release with the intention of using it to funnel into it only the highest quality content, but alas, I’ve grossly under-utilised it mostly because I don’t know who is ‘worth’ following!

Please share your top 5 must have RSS feeds relating to tech, productivity or self improvement which you find invaluable and wouldn’t want to live without.

I’m currently only subscribed to Cal Newport, James Clear and Macstories so there my only recommendations :slight_smile:


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Great idea for a thread!

  1. The Verge is my go-to on almost all topics.
  2. I have been enjoing Kumu’s In Too Deep blog, which often features people working on really complex issues using systems approaches. (Probably not that suitable to MPU but who knows!) Impact Mapper is similar.
  3. I highly recommend using a service like Kill the Newsletter to push email feeds into a reading space. Some of my “favourites” are rather particular to me (e.g., feeds from organizations I work closely with) and those show up in my RSS feeds via Kill the Newsletter.
  4. Data & Society is doing some fascinating stuff on data, privacy, ethics, and related topics.
  5. Lastly, don’t forget you can create Google Search alerts using powerful keyword combos to reel in articles across the web on topics you’re interested in.

A miscellaneous tip: I found my feeds got overwhelming until I tuned my reader to delete items if they were over a day old (on some feeds) or over a week old (on others). Keep this in mind as the items start piling up.

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I have an rss problem, with too many feeds and too many apps. Here are most of my tech related subscriptions.