Shared email account for a community group

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a friend of mine. He has been responsible for the web site of a local community group he participates in — I host it on my VPS for them — but another member has until now been the sole contact point for email, using their private email account. That person now wants to relinquish that duty.

My friend asked me what’s a good way to have a single group email account that more than one person can reliably access? At work we have “shared mailboxes” on Microsoft365 which are the perfect solution to sharing email like this, but the group want/need a simple, no-to-low cost solution and I don’t think M365 works in this way for home users.

It doesn’t have to be on the group’s domain but I think it would suit if it was. The only thing I have found is that Gmail does have a delegation facility, though it requires everyone who is a delegate to also have a Gmail account. I did warn against simply sharing the login details of a regular email account as I think that could get ugly.

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Should everybody be able, to answer from this account?

If yes, and it should be a “very-low-cost-solution” I would go with on IMAP-Account, and the distribution of that setting to all who should have an access.

If it is only necessary for everybody to read the incoming mails, but not have to answer from that account, I would simply forward the incoming mails to the other members.

Yes, for sure it will get ugly, if a couple of people are accessing the same Mail-Account, but this will happen most probably anyway.
I would stay in general with only one account per person, a forwarding, and internal rules who will be responsible (and answering) for what.
Maybe with a general use of BCC, to inform all members about the outgoing mails.
But I do not know the special needs of those group…

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+1 on one person in charge. I set up a shared contact list for a small group of people and started getting complaints in less than a week.

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If you/they do not mind using the Google Service, check out for group email

you can assign admin , editor or reader access to individuals

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Oh, interesting. I have a sneaking suspicion I may have mentioned this to my friend previously but had forgotten about it. I remember using it… a looong time ago… as a member of some groups. I will check it out again, thanks.