Shared Shopping List With Categories?

Can you please recommend a workflow/app to create lists with categories for apartment shopping? I will moving into a new apartment later this year and want to create categories with lists of items to get fro Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room… I need to share it with my wife so that we can collaborate on it.

I was thinking about a shared note in Apple Notes but than having a long list of things with headings is not very convenient.

Reminders with different lists per room. Shared with your Wife.

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Here is what we do in our family:

  • Reminders list (e.g. “grocery” or “shopping”)
  • I use Reminders so that I can say: “Siri, add _____ to my grocery list.”)
  • Then, I use tags for locations and stores. You could use them for rooms.
  • I share this list with my entire family. After a little training sessions, we all understand how it works. And it has been working well for us.
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