Shared tablet for kids?

So we’d like to get a tablet that our 8-year-old can use for non-consumption computing activities, like math games, and maybe writing and/or drawing. But we also have an almost-4-year-old, who within the lifetime of the tablet, (if it doesn’t get killed), will also want to do similar things.

Which brings me to my question: Has anyone found a way to do decent profile switching on a tablet? I remember hearing that Android devices did this a while ago, but I haven’t heard much since.

And: What tablets are out there with good Apple-Pencil-style stylus support? Ideally, we don’t want to spend $1k Canadian to make this happen, but most tablets with good stylus support seem to end up pretty close by the time you factor in all the costs, (tablet + pencil if Apple + 15% tax + possible storage upgrade from 32GB + potential case for kid-resistance).

You can lock down apps in iOS but there is no way to have user logins in iOS.

With the Amazon Fire tablet profiles are tied to accounts, not devices, so you probably could create multiple accounts and log in/out. (Don’t own one, so google to confirm.)

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Interesting. I’d be interested in hearing about Fire tablets + styluses from anyone that has one. Fire tablets are super-cheap, and there’s a kid-focused one, but I worry about Amazon’s pushing a more addictive experience than Apple.

The Amazon Kids tablets also have the ability to require homework (like 15 minutes of maths work) to be completed before kids can do their own thing. My sister has 4 of them and I think she bought a 5 pack for about £150-£200 plus Amazon warranty that if the tablet gets broken, they’ll replace FOC. But I don’t know what Stylus Support is like.