Sharing 1Password

I have used 1Password for years on Mac and iOS. I no longer have a Mac, but an iPhone and an iPad.

I have set up my ageing mother with 1Password on her iPad and iPhone.

How can I set it up so that I also have access to her vault of 1Password on my own device, iPhone and iPad, but without copying all her data into my already giant database of passwords (nearly 1000 (!))

So I guess I’m looking for a way to both have an opportunity to log in to her vault or my own vault when opening 1Password on my iDevices.

Does such a feature exist?

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The easiest way I can think of is to set up a shared vault between the two of you, copy all of your mothers passwords into that and then set that as her default vault.

I don’t think that 1Password supports multiple accounts on one device currently.

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Depends a bit on the setup:
do you have 2 single accounts or a family account.

With the family account you have shared vaults available where you both have access but don’t have to copy anything over


A 1Password family account is great. We have a shared vault, and individual vaults. Your mother could have access to any combo of those you want to configure.


We have 2 single accounts

1Password Family is subscription based only, right? Not in the market for any more subscriptions although it is exactly what I’m looking for: a real-time synchronised double database in which I can access each and it is synced to all devices.

But I’ll probably leave it, because copying the data over item by item sounds rather tedious and I have to update it manually if changes are made on another device, right

Before 1Password family I only had 1Password on one Mac. I didn’t have to manually copy anything over – the transition from single device to family was easy. This page discusses the migration path and how the data is moved into the family subscription by the software.

Yeah, it’s a subscription. Personally, worth more to me than most other subscriptions.

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Another recommendation for shared vaults in 1Password for Families from me.

Works great for helping my family members.

Yes, it’s subscription only, but one that’s definitely worth it for me (even if I did not have the early bird discount); premium value for premium price.


I’ve not used the “old” 1P version in years, but can you still open 2 vaults in 1 app?

if so:

use dropbox as the syncing mechanism, open your vault and your mother’s vault in your app, and het vault only in het app?
Maybe that might work?

I’ve switched to 1P for families exactly for the reason @andreasl described here. My parents were getting older + my children were starting to use devices.
I moved everyone over to 1P for families, so I could at least manage the vaults, and make sure all important login info was shared.

It;s a subscription, yes, but 100% worth it in my eyes

but maybe if you;re on iOS devices only there’s alternatives that work? (Dashlane f.e.?)

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Thanks. I will see probably I will go with updating it manually for her on her own devices from time to time. Right now it’s a hot mess though with some stuff in iCloud Keychain and some stuff that isn’t updated in 1Password. If she wasn’t my mother then…

I think your best bet is to have a family account for this use case.

We have it and it’s great! My work have also been using it within the last year.

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Updating manually seems to have a lot of room for error.

Another vote for 1p family (even with the subscription) Fortunately, I stopped my parents from using keychain early on and they have been on 1password family for years. I love the separate vaults and the sharing functionality. I can help troubleshoot without doing anything manually.

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