Sharing a summary calendar

Is it possible…?
I have a complicated life - a freelancer, which means I have a number of different calendars
NHS - MS exchange
My own system runs off google calendars, with a number of diff calendars for different responsibilities (because it’s then easy to see by colour coding how my week is balanced)
University teaching - MS exchange
Company I work for regularly - MS exchange
Mountain Rescue (subscribed calendar) - google
I do have iCloud but don’t use it - mainly because I set up stuff via google & haven’t changed it.
My partner has a single calendar - shared from iCloud - (& doesn’t like my multiples!) and I’d like to be able to share a calendar with her but a. I can’t (ethically) allow access to my NHS & some of the others, and b. it really should be a summary/sync of most of my calendars.
Can anyone suggest a solution - where I feed my multiple calendars into one calendar which I can then share?
(Yes, I’m sure that some of you would feel better if I have only calendar but for me, that’s not the solution).

I would ask myself, what kind of informations I want to share?
I don´t think (or at least would be surprised), that you will be able to do anything about that in an more or less automatic form, so for me I would think (and/or talk about with my partner) what informations she/he need/want.
For Example, while I am currently more or less in my hometown, I set up a calendar where I insert a daily event every time I have a meeting or appointment out of town. This calendar is shared with my wife, and so she can plan in advance about that.
Also you could set up a separate calendar where you block your time, maybe in your case with more general informations like “08-12 NHS”,“13-14:30 Home”, “15-17 University”, so you can give your partner at least an information about your rough “location” and “availability”.
This could be done pretty quick with certain kinds of presets, for example within Fantastical and other calendar apps.
@MacSparky had some interesting articles and videos about that time-blocking in his channels.

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